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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


He is finally done!!! The poncho named Trigger (who wanted to be a horse).

Trigger is riding off without Betty but he will meet Betty today. I still haven't blocked Trigger so into the shop he goes to get his training. I think I will let him pasture at the shop while I finish Betty and then I will let them go out for a ride.

I am not sure how I am going to display Trigger. I would love to have a Judy right now (not you Judy but a dressmaker Judy)

When it gets cool enough it will be a fabulous garmet to quickly toss on.

Material: Rowan Summer Tweed (silk/cotton)
9 - 50 gr balls (could have used a 10th) (shade:525)
Comments: It took me a year to knit mostly because I kept getting sidetracked by other
projects. I also did not enjoy the feel of this yarn. It has that kind of sticky
squeaky feel that silk can have. If I wanted the same look for another garment I
would look around for an alternate. I like the way it looks and hangs. I could have
used a 10th ball because the collar was supposed to be 20cm. I got it to 15 cms and
then edged in a similar colour Svale (Dalegarn colour:5403).

It feels good to get one of my long drawn out projects completed. Now on to the others.


Dorothy said...

Trigger looks great! A perfect kind of poncho.

Sandra said...

love the poncho!!!!!