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Thursday, August 09, 2007

6:40 AM And All Alone

Yes that is the time as I start this update. 6:40 and I have already been up for 40 minutes. I used to be able to sleep in. Now I am up early every morning. Without fail.
Is this what happens as you get older or am I just weird?
The shop doesn't open until 10:30 AM today so I could sleep until 9 AM and still get there to open up.
I actually like this early morning calmness. No one to interrupt my thoughts except the dog. No need to be "mother" or "wife". Although these roles are ones I choose to be. ( and enjoy) But it is good to just be the me inside my head.
This is heading somewhere too complex to try to put into words.
I'm not going to try today. If I ever do figure out how to explain the need for solitude I'll let you know. I just know I need alone time just about as much as I need together time. If I don't get it I get a little hinky.
Hinky. I like that word. I am not sure exactly what it means. I am going to look it up. I'll be back.
Hink·y [ híngkee ] (comparative hink·i·er, superlative hink·i·est)
adjective U.S.
1. not stable: unstable or subject to sudden change

2. strange: unusual in a way that is hard to describe

Yep. That explains how I get. I love it when I can use a word that I am not sure of the exact meaning in the right fashion. (Huh? Did you understand that?)

Anyhow, I get hinky. I think I scare people when I get like that.

Do you all remember way back on May 23rd when Jim got lost in the woods? (If you don't head on back to the May 2007 archives and see "Whew. Jim is tired. " (I can't figure out how to link it.)
Well, yesterday Jim got this in the mail.

Some kind soul went out of her way to track this map down and make sure that he had a copy. Next time he gets lost there he'll have a map to let him know where he is lost. Oh ya, I totally trust his sense of direction. HA!
Some people have been sharing their sketch books lately. Here is a copy of two of my pages. I photocpied them and have them upon the wall beside my desk at the store for inspiration. The bottom sketch is one I did at Haliburton to develop my cable pattern from.

The top is one I did after a walk. I was noticing the layers of vegetation along the side of the road. From dense to wispy. As I was sketching it came out looking like a cuff detail. I'll knit it one day.
See the ogee shape on the page? Brown with white inside? That is my interpretation of a deer bounding through the forest. I startled it on the same walk. I heard the bounding and strength of movement near by and as it escaped into the trees all I noticed was that tail raised high in warning. Now that was a moment of purely joyful alone time.
And now...for a bit of knit.

I finally got a washing machine at the store! And this is my first felted bag from it! The machine works great!
Now it is 7:20 AM. It is time to have a coffee.
Have a good day everyone!


Sandra said...

I usually knit late in the night - somtimes I go to bad not before 0200! But alarm on my cell phone is set on 0600 and I am usually out of bad, in fornt of my computer at 0700 sipping my early morning cofee and totally enjoying time formyself!

barbp said...

I totally understand the alone time. This is the first time I took a day off from work in months, Steve's at work and tomorrow he's in a charity golf tournament and I'm staying at home until the get together in the evening. When he travels with the team in the winter or covering hurricanes I enjoy my time when he's gone.

Love the map!! Have fun with that new washer.