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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Betty and Trigger

This is the story of Betty and Trigger. You may think that they are a girl and her pony.

But. They are not.

Betty is the cardigan that I am working on in the shop for a client. The back is nearly done. It looks like a big beige blob.

When you get close to the big beige blob you can see there are colours like blue, rust and green flecked through it. The yarn is Gedifra English Tweed cashmere, angora and wool.
And discontinued. (sorry) (There are 2 other colours in stock and when they are gone that's it!) .

.The big beige blob Betty is taking an amazingly long time to knit because
(1) row 1:make 2 stitches in each stitch; row 2 :K2tog. P2tog.
(2) 5 minutes a row (see above)
(3) my left pointer finger keeps wanting to push the needle back through the stitches and keeps getting sore - I take many breaks
(4) 5 minutes a row
(5) sometimes I have trouble motivating myself to do it (procrastination?)

It will look stunning when it is done.

Trigger is a Rowan Summer Tweed Poncho. I got the yarn last summer when I was working at another knitting store and getting paid in yarn. I started it last summer. Will I finish it this summer?

It now looks like 2 large mauve triangular blobs. Until recently it was only one triangle.

It is taking me a long time to knit because
(1) I have procrastinated
(2)I found other things to knit
(3) I purchased a knitting store 6 months ago
(4) I have procrastinated

See that little ball of yarn sitting at the bottom of the picture? That is all that I have left. I still need to seam up the poncho and make the fold over turtle neck. I don't think that I am going to have enough. I wonder if the other (or any other) knitting store has just one more skein I can buy? 'Cause if they don't I will have to buy a whole bag of it.

Trigger gets a close up just because Betty got one. One has be fair.

So far Betty and Trigger have never met. They exist in two separate parts of my life. Once they are done I think that I should have Betty ride off into the sunset on Trigger singing "Happy Trails to you"

Hi Ho Silver!

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