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Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend on the Thames River

In Ontario that is.

The family and I went to a beautiful weekend wedding that took place on a property on Thames River just outside of Chatham Ontario. The setting was beautiful. The day was perfect. The sunset spectacular.

I worked really hard and got my silk dress completed on time! All altered and adapted with help from my good friend Louise. I even found a shawl that went perfectly with it. Thanks to my sister Jae. I received the shawl as a gift from her several years ago. Do you think she knows the colours I like?
Dress with Shawl

It fit me well. I felt really comfortable in it. I danced all night in it. (sorry, no pics of that)

The official family picture at the wedding. Don't I have great looking kids? Look, Patrick is almost taller than his Dad!

The trip to Chatham was an extremely long one! A trip that would normally take 3 to 4 hours took 7 hours. The 401 highway was almost completely blocked for over 30 kms. We were moving 1 KM every 40 minutes. When we finally reached the end of the back up nothing was left but the charred remains of what seemed to be a motor vehicle. Sad.

I was knitting a bowl to be felted. Got it done and off the needles and realized that it was a very flat bowl. RIPP! In the frog pond! I did start again and I did get it knit up but haven't had a chance to take a picture yet. Tomorrow.

Just in at the store.......

Thrummed mitten kits.

Baby and Adult sizes.


Kelly said...

That's a great dress and you look great in it!

barbp said...

You look lovely in your dress, and what a fantastic family photo. You have a family to be proud of!