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Monday, September 03, 2007


It all started with a bag of Bamboo. Eden Madil Bamboo.
I thought, "Hey, this will be such an easy knit!" After all the slogging I am still doing through Betty it really did seem like a quick knit.

I cast on 133 sts. I ribbed for 22 rows. Easy so far right.

Then I started the next row. The row where there are decreases and the slowley decreasing V of rib starts working its way up the back.

Now counted only 131 stitches.
Oh I can fudge around it.
Then read the instructions wrong.
It is ((k4,k2tog) 5 times...not K4 (k2tog)5 times.
tink back row.
Do again properly. Should have 123 sts.
Hmm don't.

Exquiste. Just Exquisite.

It was suppose to be a no brainer.
I put it down and concentrated on watching the history of Saturday Night Live.
Now it is morning.
I feel like an amateur knitter! I can't let it kick my butt! I am gearing up. I will overcome.

I have thrummed my first mitten. It ain't pretty but it was easier than I thought it would be. Second mitt may be coming up later today too.

Exquisite Hibiscus flower.
Some things survive just fine if they are left alone. As with this Hibiscus. I have been neglecting my garden horribly this summer.
I had given this plant up for dead.
I was ok with that because it came from my last boss's Mother. If it was going to die I would have that horrible work experience out of my life forever.
It was not to be.
Out popped not one but two beautiful flowers.

Perhaps a reminder to remember the good things about the last 6 years.

I'll take it.

And move on just a little bit more.


Dorothy said...

Your hibiscus is gorgeous!

Why is it that the no-brainer projects always kick the most hinney?

barbp said...

Yeah - I've had my arse kicked by dishcloths for heavens sake - yeah dishcloths. It's absolutely beautiful yarn! The hibiscus is gorgeous and do concentrate the positive - I know I'm glad that you and I were able to meet!