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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Go Away Rain!

Part of today was spent preparing the house for Christmas. What else can you do when it is wet and dreary outside and you don't have a job and the next day is the first day of December? It never even seemed like full blown daytime at all today. Perhaps that accounts for my melancholy mood. Although I must say that I am getting really tired of waking up with a sinus headache or a migraine every morning!! It has to stop soon!

My DH and I have been collecting Santas for many years now. We used to be able to put all of them on the mantle but now we just have too many. So this is what our mantle looks like this year.

I'll get pictures of the 2 other locations we displayed our Santas soon.

We got our tree up last night and today the lights got put on and the decorations started. I had to restrain myself because I know the children like to put on decorations too. This year I am aiming for red and Santa ornaments only. We'll see how it goes. I have hung all my angel ornaments on the banister above my angel figurines. I'll have to take a picture of that too for you!

These are three of my knit, felted and beaded trees. The two smaller ones turned out really nice I thought. The large one was not felted because it is not wool and it bothers me that you can see the filling through the holes. Lesson learned. Use a tight knit when not felting the tree. I have them sitting on my coffee table. Unbreakable and cute!

Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be spent finishing up the presents for the family that is coming on Sunday as well as housecleaning! You'd think with all this time on my hands I'd be up on the housecleaning wouldn't you?

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy but I may not be watching until tomorrow because I have been invited to a jewellery party. Not sure if I am going to like anything but it is a chance to visit with a few neihbours.

Rain, Rain go away!! Santa's Reindeer want to play!!


Monika said...

Can you come over and decorate my house? I've tons of stuff but lost my christmas groove to do any decorating this year. Besides, where would I put all my knitting stuff? Lovely pics, looking forward to see more. And you are right, this no sun wheather is playing on my mood too.

Charity said...

What fun! And I love the idea of the (unbreakable) felted Christmas trees - sounds like a marvellous decoration for my house! :0)