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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Monkey and a Red Fox

I present another FO! The Sock Monkey Hat from Knitty. I altered it a bit for a bigger head (24") so I cast on 66 stitches and decreased accordingly.
It has been a long time since I have knit a hat and I forgot how quick they are to knit! I believe that there may be more hats knit for Christmas presents. I think this may be the only Sock Monkey I do...but maybe not!

My first Christmas present exchange will be on December 1st so I am trying to get all the knitting done for that group first.

Time goes by slowly but carries on...I am still off work and knitting furiously. At the moment I am felting yet another purse and am getting ready to block the Meditation Shawl. (Yes, it is done! ) I am now trying to decide if I should put a fringe on it once it is blocked.

I was to see a family tonight about doing some respite care for them but the visit has been put off till tomorrow and then I think I will start getting a few hours a week with them. I am hoping that respite care works out for me, at least with this family. We'll see. The young man has a lot of physical and developmental issues. I also went for a brisk walk up to the corner to fax off my resume to a couple of places. I'd say that I seem to have come to the decision to move on.

I attended another guided meditation a week ago Wednesday and found my power animal. The power animal is an animal that comes to you in meditation with a lesson to be learned. Mine is the Red Fox. According to the info I have read I need to learn about privacy and adaptability among other things. I will be getting a complete info package this coming Wednesday.

I am finding the meditating is a great help. It slows my mind and allows me to relax and be more connected with all that is around me.

I hope to have more Fo's to post this week! To all a good week!


Kelly said...

Love the monkey hat!

Monika said...

How did you find out who your power animal is?
The monkey hat is funny!
And thanks for your comment on the blankets!

Dorothy said...

Cute Monkey Hat. Hats are pretty quick aren't they?

Glad you are feeling a little more centered. Deciding to move on is a very powerful first step. It takes strength to do that. So many people get stuck hanging on and can't seem to let go and choose a different life. Congratulations. I admire your strength.