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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Making a Good Life

Just a visual demonstration of what I am going through right now.

What my life feels like right now.

What I am turning my life into.

This is usually where my cat-dog Kessie likes to sit when I am sitting at the computer. All 12 or so pounds of her. She looks out the window and
makes my left arm numb and impedes efficient keystrokes. Sigh.
She is the boss of me.


Charity said...

But if you must have a boss, she is the best kind! :0)

Monika said...

At least you are doing something to change your life! Your boss is really cute!

Suse said...

Cute dawg.

(Chooks are chickens!)

Dipsy D. said...

That's definitely the perfect plan - and I'm absolutely sure that your life will soon be as you want it to be!
And yay for Kessie, she sure knows how to make herself (note: H.e.r.self!) comfortable ;)

Cathy said...

Good for you! Making something great out of a seeming mess. And you should have gotten a toy poodle, they don't weigh as much as Kessie (but she is darned cute so nix that ;).

Dorothy said...

That is Jezzie's favourite spot too, as long as Apollo or the children aren't in the room.

Glad you are putting your life into perspective. It is always easier when you have a goal in sight.

barbp said...

It looks like you're on the right path, hopefully the turns are well lit. Is there a rainbow? The colored bands on the bottom seem like a rainbow. I think that means the path leads to a beautiful place.

sandra said...

That's the spirit!

Monika said...

Hi Martina,
yeah, sea silk and celtic waves were put together on purpose. I try to make the color/yarn/pattern go together whenever I can. ;o)
How's it going with you?

Jo said...

And I thought Sophy Wackles was the only one Shi Tzu who liked (make that passionately loved) lying on any bit of me she can find at any time of the day or night. I guess they all have a permanent need for WUV, right?
(don't we all?)

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