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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Strange Froggy Boy!

It's perfectly clear to me know that I have a very strange indivdual in my house. I decided to download a couple of pictures and I found this!

I honestly can't figure out where the boy gets his sillies from! Both his father and I are the most serious of people! ....RIGHT....

Now, on to the business at hand. The frogs have hopped! I now have yarn to repurpose and fabric to redesign! As you can see in the picture below I have just felted a bag which I am going to line with some of the de-garmetized fabric. The colours match absolutely perfectly! Who knew! A much better shot of the bag will be published upon it's completion. Not very visible in the background of both pictures below is the felted ungrateful boy sweater. I tried to frog the purple linen heart and just couldn't! It was knit in so many directions and I completely forget which end was the end. So that hopped into the garbage heap!

Pictured below are the two knitting needles I purchased. The red topped ones were made in Maine and then sent to Russia for the painted ends. The are called Joint Venture Knitting Needles and are distributed by Peace Fleece.

The green balls on the others are felted balls and I just loved them! I did!

I did very little knitting today because I had lots of running around to do. I went back to the Spiritual Fellowship today and got re-energised. They were finding a new home over the summer and have just started up again. This week I will "choose" to do the right thing for me. I will choose to be happy.


twig said...

I can't imagine where he got it from. You're always so serious! *snicker*

Melissa said...

Love the needles.
LMAO at your son.

Cathy said...

Your son is very silly indeed!

Congratulations on your frogging/repurposing project... now you can make some lovely things!

Dorothy said...

The boy really craked me up. I can't imagine where he got his sillies either.

Cute knitting needles and love the basket in the previous post, it's beautiful.

Dipsy D. said...

Love that pic, what a scream! ;)
Great needles that you got for yourself!

Melissa said...

Hey! Can you send me an e-mail at littlemp at gmail dot com so I can send you a KAL invite? THANKS!

kat said...

nice fabric