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Monday, September 18, 2006

Ho-Hum..Life Goes On

I have hit a ho-hum spot in my daily knitting. It carries on but it is not much to speak about. I am doing SS in green and in brick, the two Fetching gloves still need to be completed and my Poncho is still on hold. All because of the day job. Which I love. I also love knitting. Knitting is on the back burner as I put energy and creativity into teaching. Till I can take it off the back burner, my friends, I am not going to have much interesting to show you. Hopefully the Grey's Anatomy KAL will spur me on.

I have started the French Market bag which I thought might be a good project for a one day course but I am now realizing that it is too much knitting for one day. I have to find a smaller project to teach the techniques. Maybe I'll try adapting it to a smaller version. The other thought I had was felted pumpkins in October sometime. I gotta get a move on it if that is my plan though.

I have my first back to school cold. Yug...It took me 2 weeks to catch it this year. It usually takes me one week. I guess that is an improvement. I have to make sure that I get enough sleep though and try to avoid all the great 10PM shows!

I hope I have pictures of something for you next time!


sandra said...

I was thinking of FM bag now I have tried felting (and succedded!). My kids cought cold, too! I am the only illfree here! And that means I am slave to my family right now!

Monika said...

Hope you feel better soon. Don't stress yourself!

Cathy said...

When I get busy with other things, I have to force myself to concentrate on just one knitting project. That way I feel good because I can see results.

Maybe you can do a Sophie sized market bag? That's a quick knit if you don't to the i-cord handles.

I hope you get over your cold quickly!

Dorothy said...

What about this one from Knitty?

It looks fairly quick and you could teach flat knitting and knitting in the round and decreasing. Your students could have a fun game to play at the end of it all too.

Cathy said...

Sophie is a bag pattern available on MagKnits.

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see some pics!