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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Frogs in the Pond!

I am prepared for this weekends frog a long! I have gathered a few projects that have layed around unfinished or unused for a while.

Above in the extremely dark picture I have a pullover that never got finished. Too small for anyone I know. A cable scarf made out of the same yarn. Used needles too large, looks frumpy. A brown linen bag never completed. I got sidetracked. And, a purple linen heart I knit and then started taking apart shortly there after because I needed just a little of the purple yarn for another project

This Zip up cardigan is knit in lovely brown wool that I bought from a sheep farm years ago. I tried several times to make a sweater for myself. Finally I made a sweater for my son. He has worn it once, maybe twice. It is too itchy. (grumble, grumble) If I rip it apart I will have the yarn again. It is yarn that does not want to be anything! I will instead....felt it....and turn it into a purse! For me! (ungrateful boy) To tell the truth Patrick was so sweet about it. Only when I cornered him and asked him to tell me the honest truth about the sweater did he confess. He didn't want to hurt my feelings. (sweet but ungrateful boy) I promised to knit him something non-skritchy.

Last in the line up, a sewing project gone terribly wrong. I LOVE this fabric. Years ago I decided to make pants and a long vest to match. Half way through I stopped. What was I thinking of. This fabric was not meant to be on my short wide legs! And a matching vest? I am just not a matchy poo person. So I am hoping it is enough to line the purse I will make out of the felted sweater or maybe to make a quilted purse.

I am two days into school and tomorrow is a full moon. Children and full moons are a bad mix. Children bounce off the walls and test every fibre of patience a teacher has. All in all the children are independent, smart individuals. What you want children to be. I can't wait to see their learning curve this year!


Suse said...

God you're brave. I could never undo those gorgeous brown and navy jumpers. A scarf, yes, a whole jumper? No way! Too heartbreaking.

To answer a question of yours from a few days ago, my P is the middle one, aged 10. Bright, funny, beautiful and a little snarky. He's also a drama queen - overracts to the slightest things. Hmmm, wonder where he gets that from?!

The one lost in his own world is the dreamy 12 year old classical musician.

twig said...

I wish I'd saved some stuff to join in the frogalong! I tend to rip out sooner rather than later. And usually in a complete raving tizzy. The dogs tend to hide. *laugh*

kt said...

Well done you! You're a whole frogging colony in one Ontario pond!

Looking forward to the re-birthing of the yarns and fabrics!

Dipsy D. said...

I agree, you're very brave indeed - especially that zip up cardigan is so lovely, I could never undo it! But then again, what's the use of it if no one wants to wear it? Looking forward to seeing what you're gonna make with all this yarn!

Karen said...

Wow, think of all the great "new" yarn you will have when you are done. And it sounds like you have some great projects lined up for it already. Good luck with the full moon.

Cathy said...

Those are some great frogging projects. Your son's sweater is so nice, I could not frog that one myself.

Good luck at school, I've heard that kids can be a bit 'off' during a full moon.

Liz K. said...

I'm using my frogged sweater to make one for my son.

you know, that itchy sweater for your son, though, might be a perfect Dulaan organization. Just sayin.'

Dorothy said...

Your frog pond looks like it's going to be a busy place.

Ungrateful child. Hasn't he heard of wearing long sleeve shirts under sweaters?!

Nice fabric. That would make a great needle case too.

A full moon, eh? That explains the in your face/under foot, drive you up the wall with repeat sentences/questions the children have been up to lately.

Charity said...

Yes, Martina, the full moon is wreaking havoc in our home, too!

Happy frogging! :0)

Monika said...

Not only children act crazy around the full moon! ;o)

Monica said...

frog along? what's that?

Somekind of public reckoning for all our unfinished things? Mine are too numerous to even contemplate.

So full moon is bad? Gosh, I must check my calendar... My kids go mental when the weather changes for the worse. Or it's really windy.

A part from that they're angels... yeah right.