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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dreary Long Weekend

This Labour Day weekend is as dreary as dreary can be. Rain and clouds and cool weather. Ernesto left overs. I'm glad we often only get the left overs.

Yesterday we had a small family get together at my Mom's place. Jim bbqed in the rainWe had no lounging outside as we were hoping but a good time was had by all. We played a fun game of Mexican Train dominos.

My sister and her family!

I of course knit a bit. A sock.

A beige and brown sock. Must say that the colours do not do much for me. Kind of goes with the weekend though.

Then there was the brother that liked to bother the sister! When taking this picture I was focussed on a lovely smiling Rhea. I clicked. I saw the result (above). That second delay between press and click was all he needed! That Patrick!

On Friday Jim and I went to Ikea and got 2 new dressers. I feel like an adult now with a dresser big enough to hold all my clothes. The dressers are identical too. So I feel even more like an adult getting matching furniture that actually works with the pine bed we have. Next...a new mattress! Then I'll really feel like I've gone up in the world! I don't know how everyone else in blogland is with furnishing their place but I have decorated mostly with used furniture. Granted alot of the pieces are antique but some of them are most definitely not. For the most part I just don't do co-ordinated too well. If something strikes my fancy I'll get it otherwise I just put up with what I have. Sometimes I feel as if I still emotionally decorate like a university student. Jim is just building my dresser now. I gave Patrick his old dresser (a used one that I did buy straight out of Uni) and my old dresser is now my bedside table. I managed to gather all the books I had lying around the bedroom into 3 piles. One for books I just like to have beside the bed. One for books to read. A third for books that I have read and need to give away or sell. Wait let me count them.... 36. Half are waiting to be read. There is never enough time in a day....

I am oh so close to finishing the front of the poncho!I have finally cast off olong the arms to 88 stitches and am ready to do the shoulder cast off. Pictures will be shown very soon!

Thanks to all for the nice comments about my knit art pieces! They were pieces that just evolved of their own accord almost. I was the vessel for their creation. Both of them have seen the inside of the Whitby Station Gallery. They usually do a display of local artists work once a year and I was grateful to have been included in two of the shows.


Cathy said...

We could use a long dreary weekend of rain here. It sounds like you all managed to have despite the weather. Your son is a card!

Charity said...

Congratulations on your grown up bedroom furniture! :0)

Can't wait to see the finished poncho.