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Monday, September 24, 2007

Stan the Bunny

Meet Stanley.
He is the other pet in our house. I talk about Kessie a fair bit because she is a cute in your face dog who loves to lick!
Stanley gets out to play a couple times a week. Kessie and he have a gay old time running around the living room together. Sometimes Stanley chases Kessie and sometimes they reverse if. Usually Stanley can only take Kessie's attention for short periods of time before he starts getting stressed out though. I think dogs and bunnies are natural enemies so I imagine instinct gets the better of him. Kessie justs wants to play.
When we first got Kessie Stanley was twice the size of her but now it is the other way around. I have tried so hard to get a picture of them together but they are just too fast!

I have knit Stanley a couple of mats that he loves to sleep on. He rearranges them daily! Just a little housekeeping!

Exquisite is moving right along. This bamboo is really sensitive to tension and I find that just a minor variation really pops out at me. I have to knit just a bit more snuggly than is natural to me but but that little extra snugging is helping to keep things more even. Eden Madil is the yarn. It is loosely spun so splits easily. Extra care needed there as well.

September is almost over! Arg!


Sandra said...

good to know about bamboo!
Hellooooo to Stanley!

Ex-Shammickite said...

That's a boootiful bunny!
I've just been scooting thru your blog, lots of lovely knitting.
I've just started some fairly simple knitting projects after being knit-free for a number of years. Other things took my interest. I'm not far from you in S Ontario, 25 miles or so as the crow flies.