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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colinette Iona

Sometimes knitting up samples for the store is a joy! This pretty hat took approximately 4 hours all together and was sumptuous to knit.
Colinette Iona is a wool/mohair/silk blend. Yummm...

The hat pattern is on the ball band and doesn't even take one whole skein. I am knitting up a small scarf to go with the hat which I will show off tomorrow.

Do you like my display head? I got 2 more like it at Valu Village. For some reason they stock hoards of them around Halloween. What do people do with them? No don't tell me anything gory.

I should give the ladies names but I am not sure if I could tell which one was which. Maybe it should be Blanche 1, Blanche 2 and Blanche 3.

Really too much thought has gone into this idea already. Don't you agree?


Nora said...

Colinette is doing some fantastic colours lately. I love how the blue/green stands out ever so slightly... :)

Sandra said...

Yummy yarn for cozy knitting! Love it!