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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Sky

This sky just blew me away this morning. I felt like I was looking at the surface of another planet.
It was at 7:00 AM when I was letting Kessie out.

Doesn't it look sort of other worldly?

I forgot to show every one the yarn that my father and his wife brought back for me from their trip to Regina.

Beautiful hand dyed Australian wool from Hawthorne Cottage Yarns.

Hawthorne Cottage Yarns
PO Box 102
Sebastopol, Victoria 3356
+61 (53) 356 057
fax: +61 (53) 362 820
Owner: Sue Flynn
Hawthorne Cottage is Sue Flynn's design and manufacturing business specialising in excellent and rare English Leicester soft spun yarns in changing ranges of colours. Sue also designs for Willabaa Wool of Ballarat. She produces knitted garments and kits in traditional knitting and indigenous Australian themes of her own development or supplied by local Koorie artist Rubina Burgoyne. Sue's agent in USA is Carrol Woolcock of The Mannings Studio, East Berlin, Pennsylvania, Phone +1 (717) 624 2223. In Australia the nearest supplier of Sue's work is Tanybrin Gallery, Skene's Creek Road, Otway Mountains, Victoria, Phone 052 376 271. Sue has built on her family farming experiences with a merino stud and fashion design studies to become an accomplished weaver, spinner, dyer and designer. She has recently bought a sock machine to add to her range of yarns and patterns. Kits of English Leicester wool and indigenous Australian design themes should be available in USA.

I am knitting a hat with it because the gift came with a pattern for one. I think that the Elsbeth Lavold Classic AL (which came with the gift) was supposed to be knit up withthe Hawthorne cottage yarn but I didn't like how it looked. So, I am knitting it solo. I like how it is looking. Pictures upon completion.

Jim and I spent all day yesterday at Patrick's soccer tournament. They did really well and won every game except the last one which means they ended up in second place. It is probably where they belong since the team they were playing never lost a game all season and Patrick's lost 2 (I think). But the game was very frustrating for a parent to watch because the ref was not calling a fair game. He was showing favoritism to the other team. He was only calling the aggressive play penalties against our team and the other team seemed to able to get away with everything. I was loud and obnoxious. I don't usually get riled up at games but I really wanted to have a good little yell at the ref. A lot of good it would do though. It was as if it had been decided that the other team was supposed to win it all because they had the best season.

Must admit though that we handed them their only loss in the previous game. In retrospect that feels good.

I feel bad because it wasn't the other teams fault and I feel mad at them too. But really it would have been better for them to win fairly. They must realize that the game was not fair and that must niggle.

Ok Soccer Mom is going away now.

Got to get ready for my morning mall walk with Jim


barbp said...

Gorgeous colors in that yarn. Should make a terrific hat!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, I'm totally stunned by these sky pictures, these cloud-formations look absolutely amazing! And I love the yarn - beautiful colours indeed!