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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Victoria, Victoria!

It is Victoria Day long weekend. The weekend for beginning summer planting. The first weekend to be at the cottage (if you have a cottage). I have not started my summer planting. I am not at the cottage.

Yesterday I was at the store and the weather was sunny and hot. Today I am at home and the weather is cool. I don't want to garden in cool weather. (insert whine here) (foot stomp)

Yesterday was much busier at the shop than I thought it would be. Not everybody has a cottage and some people have taken the weekend to knit. I got a visit from Hunka Hunka Burnin Yarn yesterday. Such a lovely petite woman she is! It is neat to meet fellow bloggers!

Today, since it is cool I am working on a Secret Sister gift for my sorority. It is revealing day on Tuesday and I hope that I get the project done. I also have to come up with a poem about my life this past year. I am trying to decide between Haiku and Limerick. I used to write alot of poetry but I find it difficult now. Maybe if I meditate a poem will appear.

Going back to Friday. I had a day long visit from my sister, Dad and his wife at the store. My sister has taken up knitting again (30 some odd years later). She is knitting a scarf out of Mission Falls 1824 cotton, Colinette silk and Colinette Mohair. The colours together are stunning. The hand... so soft. It is being knit on 10mm needles with 2 strands of the cotton and one strand each of the silk and mohair. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts which I do have in the store. Cast on 16 sts and k1 P1 rib till done and then make a fringe. (extremely abreviated instructions)

My Father's wife brought a whole bunch of Vintage buttons to sell in the shop. There are some really great ones and they are reasonably priced! I will post some pictures of them later this week.

Rhea and a few of her friends also dropped by on Friday. The lucky teenagers had a PA day which means they didn't have to go to school.

And now for one picture of Kessie and her ball. She won't play with the smaller tennis ball we got her. NO, she wants the big tennis ball. It takes her 5 minutes to get in her mouth but she can do it and we can't stop her!


Suse said...

I love that grinning face peeking over the bright balls of wool. Lovely shot!

barbp said...

Wow it looks like you are settling in and having lots of fun at Kniterary. Everything looks beautiful. Happy belated Victoria Day!!

MFB and I are coming up Port Perry from Pennsylvania this weekend and I hope to stop in on Saturday and say hi in person. Will you be in on Saturday?