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Saturday, May 26, 2007


I have always wanted to write that!! And, if you know me, you know that this word just doesn't go with my personality!

Why am I squeeing? Well...I just had a wonderful visit from Barb P over at The Accident Prone Knitter!! What a lovely lady!! Don't be upset but I forgot to take a picture of us! Jim even popped by half way through her visit and he could have taken a picture of us together.... I thought of taking a pic this morning but when she walked in the door the idea was gone, just gone!

It is just a wonderful thing to meet a fellow blogger. I virtual friend becomes a physical friend. (O My Gosh that sounds a bit naughty. Not a physical friend in the physical kind of way you guys!) (although I had to give her 2 hugs before she left!) I am trying to find the words to describe the experience of befriending a person who knows already some of the experiences the you have had and vice versa. It is not that I haven't met at least one other person who I read (Hi Lisa) but Barb came all the way from Pennsylvania!

Barb, it was so nice to meet you!

I have never thought of myself as person with lots of friends but the blogging world is starting to change that view of myself.

Another blogger who has stopped by the shop is Sandi. I wasn't reading her before but I read her now! I think maybe I need to start a blogger board at the store!

Any how ...Squee!.... (squwee? skwee? oh I am so new at this!)

It's almost 5 and time to close shop. I am heading to Mongolian Grill for dinner with Jim while Patrick goes to a movie with some friends.

Bye friends!


sandra said...

So far I met only one blog pal - and was excited like hell!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Hi Martina: Thanks for visiting my blog. I have quickly looked at your blog, and will read more later. Interesting this whole thing about comments about our 'crafts'. I was not looking for sympathy or anything like that, it is just an observation and I wondered if others hear it too. Being new to your blog, tell me about your 'shop'.

Dorothy said...

I got a phone call from a fellow blogger and I was all excited for days about that. I too, don't have a ton of "real life" friends, but on the internet, I have many. So funny how that works. Some day I am going to walk into your shop too. If ever I can convince the husband we want to drive down that way. He hates driving in/through major centres.

barbp said...

It was definitely my pleasure to meet you! Thank you for taking so much time with me and helping me pick out those wonderful colors.

We're up visiting family about 4 times a year and so I hope to stop in again and continue a new and very enjoyable friendship.

Sandi Purl said...

thanks Martina. i was so happy to be able to make it out to your shop. if i lived in whitby i'd be driving u crazy, dropping by all the time! I have a wedding to attend in the 'shwa in August, so i hope to see you then! I've just started to get "physical" with the sea silk. mmmm mmmm good!