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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whew...Jim is tired!

Jim took this picture while on a short little walk in a forested area north of our town today. Well it started out as a short walk. He was going to complete his short foray and head into Toronto to pick up some yarn for the store. While he was hiking the box that he was supposed to pick up arrived at the shop. Once I informed him of this fact he decided to extend his birding expedition a bit. The "bit" turned into several hours of following paths that took him into directions he was not sure of. He had no water with him but thankfully a biker that Jim asked for directions was nice enough to offer him some.
I was a bit worried but he managed to finally get back to the car and made it home about 6 hours later than he intended to.
I found him asleep on the couch once I arrived home.
I am going to buy him a compass tomorrow.

I made this cat bed for my Secret Sister out of Alpaca and Wool. See the Yellow cat paw design on the outside. I know that My Secret Sister will love it when I can get it to her. Unfortunately she didn't attend the revealing dinner last night.

I took the pattern from a Cat Borhdi book minus the moebius since I was in a rush to finish it. The exterior is not felted but the interior is. I LOVE the was this Ultra Alpaca by Berocco felts!
It took 4 skeins and all is done in the Ultra except for the yellow paws that are in Lopi.

The view upside down.

Good night.


Sandi Purl said...

gorgeous kitty krib! nice to meet you on saturday! happy knitting ;)

Monika said...

haven't been here in a while. This cat bed is just wonderful What a nice design!