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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Socks and Snacks

Today when I was getting in the car to go the the shop I brought my camera to take some pictures of WIP's.

None were taken. Why? Because the camera stayed in the car ALL day.

When I got back home 7 hours later I felt obligated to take at least one picture of something knit.
Behold! The leprachaun (sp?) sock that hangs from my rear view mirror!
Also in the egyptian terra cotta pot that holds essential oils to make the car smell nice.... the back of our clunker car (does everybody have at least one of these?).....the Japanese Maple coming into leaf...and the front door to our house. (You can see the Hydrangea vine starting to climb up the porch. It might actually flower this year!!!).

Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in Canada. My daughter has given me flowers for the day before Mother's Day eve (yesterday) and homemade cookies for the day before Mother's Day (today). Then she headed off to sleep over at a friends house for the night tonight. I wonder if I am getting anything tomorrow? (not that I need anything) She is such a sweetheart.

Last weekend I took Rhea and My Mother out to a High Tea at a tea house in the town just north of Whitby for an early Mother's Day celebration. I think the place is called Campkin's TeaHouse. There I found the link. I am not sure if the story is in the link but the Patriarch of the family in Canada was supposed to travel to the North America on the Titanic. He over imbibed the night before the lauch and missed the boat. Talk about a lucky man!

Ma Mere..Lois... She just doesn't look 78 to me. I should age that well.

Ma fille...Rhea... Can you tell she doesn't like getting her picture taken?

All 3 generations after having hoovered the High Tea off the table! It was good! The teas even better! Rhea had the most delicious strawberry kiwi tea. It was like dessert.

All of the items you see on the walls around us are for sale too. It was really hard to walk out without buying anything other than the meal!

Last Monday I went into Toronto to visit 3 of my suppliers and start my fall orders. I ordered some new books (can't remember which ones at the moment). At the second stop I ordered some more Sublime merino cashmere and Peruvian hand dyed merino and alpaca. Beautiful! Funds made from the sales of this yarn will go to help build a school in Peru for the kids. When I get more information I will pass it on. I almost purchased the Kaffe Fasset sock yarn collection...As usual the colour combos are stunning. My almost is turning into a for sure so I will be ordering it for the fall and Christmas season. Yum.

That's all for now folks! I will try to keep in touch with you more often!

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Gina said...

Happy Mother's Day Martina!

I love the sound of that Peruvian yarn. Anything with a bit of a charitable connection will be more likely to get my yarn dollar. I've never even heard of a Kaffe Fasset sock yarn collection, but I can't wait to see it. Would you ship to me in Calgary?