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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Becoming a Mother was a long drawn out process for me. Six years of trying (not that it wasn't fun) and three miscarriages. It was physically and emotionally a very hard time.

Shortly after deciding that I needed to accept the possibility that maybe I was not meant to become a Mother I became pregnant. I tiptoed my way through the next nine months expecting to lose the gift that I carried. I listened to Enya and remained calm. I walked softly and tried to remain positive.

Then on December 31,1991 I became a Mom .

After a second nine months of expectancy (this time yelling at children and going to rock concerts) on October 24, 1993 I became Mom to a second child.

Life has never been the same since. Although there have been times when I wished for peace and quiet I love being a Mom.

I never expected to love anything quite as much as I love my children. I never expected to be loved as much as I am.

Although my guys are now teenagers and my daughter talks way too much and my son is currently monosyllabic I still love them with absolute steadfastness.

Rhea and Patrick, Thanks for making me your Mom.

Mothers enjoy the gifts that made you a Mom. Enjoy your day.

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