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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

No not the book by Bill Bryson! I did not enjoy the book very much but I always enjoy a walk in the woods.
Sunday my friend Louise, my daughter Rhea and I went for a walk in the woods in the Midland/Penetanguishene area.
Not a long one. It was a total of an hour or so but it seemed longer because we got misplaced.

No we did not get lost. We were simply misplaced!

At least Louise said we were not lost. She knew the basic direction we needed to go to get back to the cars. She kept pointing in a north-easterly direction and sure enough we found our way.

We zigged when we should of zagged and went beyond the point of return so ended up trampling the undergrowth making sure to avoid the trilliums!

Luckily this has been a dry Spring so the boggy areas weren't really boggy.
Although a dry spring is not such a good spring really since we also had a dry winter.

I love being in the woods. I love the silence and sound of the trees and the birds. I love the smell. I just want to live in the woods.

Any woods where I will not get displaced!

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Lionel said...

You said: "No not the book by Bill Bryson! I did not enjoy the book very much"

I say: "Great book."