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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have fallen

...but I have gotten up!

yep...scratches on my arm, twisted left ankle, slightly swollen left foot and a bruise on my right leg and...and...and.... a grass stain on my shoes (I think I will cry now!).

Actually not a bad one this time compared to other times.
I am a frequent faller. I haven't had such a big fall in about a year but it is about once a year I seem to step badly and wipe completely out.

This time ; step up onto first step at shop, foot slips off, right ankle cannot take the load and I have to save my coffee!!! (Yes, the coffee is the most important thing to save isn't it!
Thankfully the lid was on tightly and nary a drop escaped despite being catapulted over the edge and into the garden right side up.)
I go ass over tea kettle!
What amazes me is that I rarely get hurt that badly. I am really good at going with the fall (as long as my coffee is safe) and rolling or bouncing safely to a stop. This time a 70+ lady (who turned out to be a customer) rushed to see if I was ok. Little old ladies are rescuing me now!!

In the past I have broken ribs and an ankle and just basically bruised myself nearly to death.
Good falls of the past include

1. Falling down the basement stairs with my arms at my side taking the brunt with my face and chest. I broke only a rib surprisingly. Looked like I had been beat up bad. I felt so bad for dear hubby because he was interrogated like a criminal.
2. My last fall was in the winter. This one at least is a bit hilarious. I was carrying 2 bags of groceries to the car wearing winter boots that were loose on me and not tied up (stupid). I caught the toe of one boot on the edge of the cement sidewalk block and fell completely onto my front. When I leaped up, telling everyone who witnessed the incident I was ok, my boots were a good 5 feet behind me and my groceries 2 feet in front of me. I think I threw the groceries so I would have my hands free to stop my face from hitting the ground. I was so wishing that someone had caught it on film! How horrifyingly hilarious it must have been to watch!
There are others but I shall not go on....

Yes, I have fallen and I will probably fall again. I think I need to get some iron pills.

But, I'm fine really I'm fine!
(art by Picasso)

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Lionel said...

Isn't it funny how certain phrases change or become more relevant as we age. Kerrie and I always have a laugh at this one: when we were young we might have "fallen over", but now as we are older, it seems more appropriate to say "I have had a fall." I had a fall one New Years Eve. I will send you email about it