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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My HD Personality

I am a highly disorganized (HD) person. I don't work very hard at it. It comes naturally I guess.

One of the side effects of being HD is that I often misplace items of some importance. Today, I have misplaced my watch.
My watch is usually on my wrist but last night while I was relaxing watching American Idol (Crystal Bowersoxs rocked it last night!) it began to bother me. It was on the arm that got bashed around yesterday when I fell.
I took it off and put it on the side table. Yes I distinctly remember that.
Once I was off to bed I picked it up to put on my bedside table.
Then....the watch ceases to be in my memory banks.
With Kessie at my heels I stopped off at the computer to check my inbox, went to brush my teeth and hopped into bed.

This morning the watch was not to be found. It was not on the coffee table, not by the computer, not in the kitchen, not in the bathroom and not in the bedroom. (I feel I should be able to write a Dr. Seuss story about it!!) Kessie has been no help at all in the search!
So I am sans watch today.
Not that the watch is an easy one to read anyways...It has no numbers on the dial and I am always guessing as to what number the hour hand is nearest. When someone asks me the time I usually respond with something like.."It is either 5:25 or 6:25." Then I have to go to one of the other timepieces that I have access to for confirmation.
The fact that I have not gone out to get a more appropriate day to day watch is an indication of my HD personality as well is suppose.

Way back when I wrote an entry about my tendancy to pile everything.

I have reformed somewhat but I think this tendancy is an HD symptom as well. (ya think?)

I have tried to be organized I really have! I get containers and make lists and sort and everything! Then, after a few days it all starts to fall apart. I forget which container is for what or I lose my lists and can't remember my sorting categories. Sigh. The best is when I put something away in a really great away spot only to never find that spot again. Like my High School yearbooks which I have been trying to track down for about a month. Out of sight out of mind with me.

In the meantime I still search for my watch. Here is a picture of one like it.

If you happen to see it anywhere let me know please!

Edited to add:

This morning (April 22, 2010) Judy Gerstel has an article in the Toronto Star called Badly Disorganized? Chronically Forgetful? It may be ADD...

I can't find it online yet but it speaks to my issue of being HD!

I've always said that chronic knitters have ADD tendancies!!


Lionel said...

What a dumb watch without any numbers on it. Personally, I think you are better off without it, and it should stay lost.

jim said...

i'm glad you found your watch