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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A trip downTim Horton's Memory Lane....

I posted this 4 years ago. Sometimes it is good to look back and see what a goofball one can be..

Don't take me through the Drive Thru

Last week was not my week to be going through the drive through at Tim Horton's. Pretty soon all the Timmy's in the Whitby area are going to know me as the "Crazy Drive Through Lady". Any of you who have read my past entries will remember the last incedent I had at Timmy's. I have only compounded my problems!!

Experience #1:

I was on my lunch time with the most lovely Miss Ann who teaches in the Junior Room. As per usual we ordered our coffees, teas and for the most beautiful Miss Ann a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich on wholewheat,toasted, no tomato, no sauce. Well do you think the lady could get the order right?? First off she talked with an accent that made her difficult to understand. Then she seemed to have trouble understanding my accent. So I order the sandwich, taking my time and allowing for the keying in of each item, and

she says "Sat his Ham and Svuiss?"

"No, Cheddar." I respond.

"Chedar an Svuiss? On vhite?"

Now I am trying to talk louder, " Ham and cheddar on whole wheat." "Oh...(to the lady making sandwiches) Not svuiss...Can you make Cheddar? Yes, Cheddar...Ok good."

Me again..."on whole wheat!" "oh ok (long pause as she mutters to herself trying to find the whole wheat key) Toasted?"

"yes" I yell "TOASTED"

"Vill there be anyting else?"

"I am not yet finished with the sandwich order!!! No tomato, no sauce!"

" Oh, I forgot to key in...(again to the person making sandwiches) You remember , ok? No tomato, no sauce.? Goot. Anyting else?"

I am by now speaking as loudly as I can, " 1 Steeped tea with milk, 2 Coffees....."

"I so sory you yell...I so sorry.... Drive trhu"

Once up to the window of delivery I ask the person taking the money if there is something wrong with the intercom system. Her response...."Sometimes the wind makes it hard to hear."

Wind??? There was no wind.... Only a very frustrated orderer with many very frustrated drivers waiting in the long line up behind her!

Experience #2:

At another Timmy's on another day. I pull into the drive through only to find to my joy that there is NO LINE UP! I pull on through , make a left swerve and then realize I have gone straight past the intercom order taker!!! No cars are behind me. I stop, put the car in reverse and back up to the speaker. I get greeted with a very pleasant "Welcome Back!" I had to confess that this was not the first time I had made this error. She then very pleasantly took my order and I carried on. The beautiful Miss Ann was witness to this too. It is a wonder that she will go into any drive throughs with me.

So, now there are 3 different TH's who's staff probably duck and run when they see my van. My apologies to them all.

Actually, there is a 4th that dropped my change on the driveway and I had to wait for someone to retrieve it. Then I dumped all the change out of my wallet onto my lap and had to drive all the way back to work that way. (I was running late you see) (Miss Ann was with me yet again)

Someone care to accompany me to get coffee? No! Don't run away!

Posted at Monday, May 01, 2006 by martina

I am better at drive throughs these days...promise!

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