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Friday, March 26, 2010

Procrastination is Making me Latte

Make that a Chai Latte please.
I am at home for the morning. Alone. That doesn't happen often. I know I should be grabbing the dust rag or sweeping the floor but I am making myself a coffee and writing to you all.

And now I remember that I have Chai tea at the shop which I will have to make when I get there. When I get there.

'scuse me checking on the coffee...maybe the coffee will help me up off my duff...

I am all alone this morning because Los Kiddos are at school Jim has gone on a day trip to Algonquin Park today with a bunch of his birding buddies. Nice sunny day for it but back to below freezing... I hope they see lots of the flying creatures and hopefully some Moose babies. Wonder if he brought a camera? Wish I could be there too..

I continue to have 10 plus projects on the knitting needles...I am actually not sure of the number I will have to count. Let me see..Hmm I have finished a couple so only 7. Yeah!!
Three pairs of socks,

Of which this is one... I love Jay walkers!

1 linen blouse,

1 shawl,

1 tree

and 1 tank top that I do not have a photo of yet although I am holding it in one of the photos from the previous post.

I do have one rug hooking on the go too.

So maybe I just need a morning off ? Maybe, just maybe I am productive but just not in a house wifey way?

Where is my Chai Latte?


Jae said...

I LOVE THAT TREE! And, you'll have to teach me how to rug hook with wool.

jim said...

I didn't marry ahouse wife I married a beautiful creative woman.