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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jan6/2006 Replay

Found another 4 year old post that is worth a re read! Timmies and I have a real love/hate relationship!

Friday, January 06, 2006
Idling in La La Land

SO I was sitting in the Montana waiting in the take out line at Tim Horton's (the temple of coffee). I was enjoying the sun (which had not been seen for about one year). I inched foward while raising my face to the glorious sun. I was relaxing and warming. I was visualizing being on a beach. I bumped up a small ramp. I waited and basked. I bumped down a small ramp. I looked behind. I was past the ordering monolith!!! My window was closed and I had been basking! They were probably all yelling "CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER!!! HELLOOO....IS ANY ONE THERE. WE NEED AN ORDER! HEY!!! WAKE UP!!!! WE NEED AN ORDER!!! " Then off I went.... I had two choices. 1. Leap out of the vehicle and run backwards and interupt the orderer behind me. or 2. Continue on and make a full confession at the window. The sun was warm and gorgeous so I opted for the latter. While waiting and basking yet some more I went over my options of opening line. I ended up saying " I am an idiot and I was in complete la-la land! I forgot to order! They all looked at each other with the realization that it was just another brainless suburbanite in a Montana. I was so grateful they didn't make me start again! They gave me my order (they may have over charged me but I really don't care if they did) I didn't have plain old coffee to order I was ordering 3 Cappucinnos and then I didn't have enough money out so I had to search my change cubbyholes! As left I made sure I let them know that I would stay awake while driving back to work (a little late). Man I needed a coffee....but the sun was la la lavalee....

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Monica said...

welcome back Martina!

so what have you been up to recently??