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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Practice makes Perfect

I have been busy knitting. As always my needles are never empty.

The latest on the needles is the Fiona Ellis scarf Practice Makes Perfect. The yarn that it was originally done in for her book Inspired Cables is no longer available so I decided to try it in Estelle's Alpaca Cashmere Tweed. I am not sure I like it. The yarn is just not luxurious enough for this particular pattern. I like the yarn well enough but just not for this pattern.

So I decided to try it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk Aran. Much Much better. Also more expensive. The silk adds the necessary sheen and the drape is going to be fab. The picture is not great and I haven't got much done but I can tell already.

Right now I am knitting the DB scarf by copying what I have done on the Estelle scarf. I forgot the pattern at the store. I am going to have to pop by today to get it.

All this knitting of the scarf is taking me away from what I really need to finish! Betty! It is almost there. I am assembling. I need to put aside the scarf for today and focus. The client is picking it up on Tuesday. I will be so glad to see it leave the store. Betty and I will be breaking up after a long tormentuous relationship. Whew.

Also done recently was felted hearts. Small and fun and quick.

The bag below is done in Berocco's Love It. I improvised the pattern all the way and now have the task of writing up the pattern. It took 2 balls and will make a great beach bag.

Soon Kniterary is starting a cable Afghan knit a long. Below is the first square. The cable is In the Rose Garden. We will be doing 9 12" squares and then assembling them in fall just in time for cold weather.

Recent personal events include my 51st birthday. How did I ever get this old?

The children started their second semester at highschool. Both have math this semester.

It is closing in on a year since I purchased Kniterary and a few big changes are on the horizon! Exciting changes! I can't wait to tell you about it but I must not for now!


Sandra said...

wow, Martina! You are really eagerly knitting! Great! Looove those hearts!
And, Happy b-day!

Gwen in Bowmanville said...

Happy Birthday, Martina! Old isn't a number, it's an attitude -- and it's not an attitude I've seen from you.

And congrats on finishing the big oatmeal-coloured albatross.


Ex-Shammickite said...

I love the string bag. I'm knitting one at the moment, but I think I'm using needles that are too big and it's going to turn out HUGE! Big enough for a watermelon. Plus the needles are warped and I seem to be knitting round corners all the time, the bend is so bad.

How's the snow? Did you have to dig yourself out this morning?

Bev said...

Ok so now I am excited to know what the changes are, when are you going to tell us? hehe.
By the way, I love your knitting!