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Monday, February 18, 2008

My Weekend Away

On Saturday I put Vickie in charge of Kniterary and I went on a trip to see my sister in eastern Ontario.

The drive was really good. Clear highways et al..

On Sunday we went first to the Textile Museum in Almonte. Not much there but a Cross Stitch display and a cute little store. They have bigger displays when it gets warmer because half the building is not heated. I will have to go back in the summer I think. Beside the museum are condos that have been built in the manufacturing part of the mill. I so want to buy one there but I am sure they are very pricey!

Later in the day we went around the corner of my sister's place in Oxford Mills to Hollyhock Alpacas.

Hollyhock Hill Alpacas
Quality breeding stock, breeding, fiber and products. Visit us soon, to learn more about these amazing animals - their history, their care, and their luxurious fiber. We are located in Kemptville, Ontario 613-258-4806

Street address:1920 County Rd. 18
City:Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

I am in love with Alpacas!

This guy is the main male in the group. Because of his grey coat alot of the offspring also have grey. Apparently it is not a very usual colour.

Isn't she a little beauty? Such a pretty face and happy eyes. The owner told my sister and me all the names but I no longer remember them. This sweety I remember is 2 years old.

Can you tell it was raining? This lady has the messy hair to show it!

The males and females are kept separate but close to each other. Almost all of the females are pregnant from their June breeding. The gestation time is 11 1/2 months so I'll be back in May or June to see all the wee babies!

This male seems to be wondering what we are doing there.

These ladies are hoping to get some of the food the farmer was giving to the males. He did share with them later.

Apparently Alpacas love to eat but don't need that much food. The 10 or so males only eat 1/2 a bale of hay a day (which Brian said was a very little amount). Did you know that Alpacas make really good therapy animals too? They are so calm, so seemingly accepting.

Today we went into Ottawa and saw a small exhibit by Bobbie Burgers who does incredible Acrylic paintings of flowers.

Then we wandered around for a bit during this first Family Day Holiday in Ontario.

Once done we headed back to Oxford Mills where I gathered all my stuff and prepared to return to reality at home.

Highways were still good thankfully. Busier but accident free.

And now to knit.

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Ex-Shammickite said...

Alpacas are really quite cute, there is always a display of them and their products at Markham Fair.
Since I last visited your blog, I have become a "Nana" to a gorgeous little grandson. Born Tuesday 19th Feb, he's lovely!