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Saturday, February 19, 2011


“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity”

Right now I am laughing at myself because I am being so un-spontanious about writing about Sponteneity.

I am not a natural sponteneity-ite! I have had to learn how to enjoy and participate in spur of the moment activities.

I have been thinking about Sponteneity because a friend of mine who is a mother of 2 young children was lamenting at the loss of her freedom to be so. Children do change you. Much more so if you are a person who is used to making last minute decisions about things.

You can't just go out for the evening or go on a trip. Planning is an essential!

Book the time, book the babysitter, plan for the funds to both do what you want and pay for child care. Or, take the children with you. Which entails all sorts of planning and organizing!

I found that children increased my ability to be spontaneous. I learned to go with the flow and enjoy the moment. To sing and dance just because! To laugh without reserve. To be part of a game because it is there. These are things I learned from my children. In turn this ability has transferred over to my creative and, dare I say, social pursuits.

So to my friend I say "Yes sponteneity still can exist while raising children" It exists in very different ways than it can when without the encumbrance of the responsibilies of raising a family. It is smaller and more immediate. And, on so many levels, so much more fulfilling.

If the essence of pleasure is sponteneity then it is something we should plan to practice every day.

I know I do. And I enjoy a well planned day!

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