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Monday, February 28, 2011

The End of February

Yesterday we had a beautiful late winter snowfall. The weather was warmish so the snow was heavy and clung to all the trees in a very marshmallow way.
I enjoyed my walk with my wee Kessie. Yet didn't enjoy the filth that gathered on her underside! The dirty dog days are upon us I fear.
Ah well....I am needing Spring weather so much it is not much of a hardship!

I spent some of the weekend working on my Cloisonne sweater. I may add another layer of lace at the bottom in the brown because I think I want it to be a bit longer. Loving it though. Love love love knitting with Berocco Ultra Alpaca! It is difficult to resist burying my face in the softness on a regular basis.

If I get it done before summer (here's hoping)....(My heart skipped a beat with the idea of summer!) will be my Spring sweater.
Enjoy your last day of February and, if you live in the north, start taking stock of your spring clothes.
Oscar watched last night...... Colin Firth is a funny man! Yea for The Kings Speech!

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