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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Caution: Honking Dog

Sleep eluded us on Monday evening this week.


Kessie was honking. Yes she sounded like a Canada Goose. It was almost non-stop.
It felt like we were parents of a baby again.

I woke up (after, what, 15 minutes sleep) on Tuesday morning with that fuzzy, not quite sure, but still have to carry on, tiredness that parents of little ones so often have. How the heck do we ever manage?
Jim, of course, managed to roll over and get a bit more sleep than me. Huh....

Luckily, I had already scheduled a vet appt. It was supposed to be for shots but turned into an appt. for getting antibiotics and instructions on how much Benelyn-C to give her a day. Shots to take place in 2 weeks time.

So, that started the 3X daily administering of drugs. It is not easy to give drugs to a dog. Especially a wiggly dog like Kessie. It is a 2 person operation. One to hold her in place and one to try and get all the med. in the mouth and swallowed.
Jim and Patrick had the first shot at the cough syrup. (I happened to be at the shop). From what I understand she foamed it all over her face...
Then it was my turn. Being the expert (ahem) that I am I managed only a slight mess. After 4 days of it I am now able to get it all in and swallowed without the need for a face wash afterwards. I have impressed Pat.
The pill is another matter.
First one was wrapped in cheese and went down without hesitation.
Second one was eyed suspiciously but still went down.
Third...she has learned to lick the cheese off and spit out the pill. So....a combo of peanut butter and cheese is used.
Fourth....Cheese only ( because she should just damned well take the effin pill because I want her to ) and holding the mouth closed and rubbing her neck to make sure it goes down while holding another piece of cheese in front of her.
Fifth...Cheese...Ram to back of throat, hold mouth closed, rub neck, do not let go until swallowing action is observed.
Only 6 more pills to go....I am sure I will be standing on my head and spinning her around to make centrifugal force to force it into her tummy.
And then there is the yogourt which is supposed to coat her tummy to reduce stomach irritation. She ate it with gusto the first day. Now refuses to even go near the bowl it is in.

The good news. She is no longer honking. No more cough syrup unless she coughs again.

I am worn out. She is probably loving the attention.

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