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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steps Away

I have been knitting Rhea a blanket this summer. It is getting rather large and heavy at this point and I feel like the knitting is getting slower not to mention warmer.

The end of this project signifies Rhea's first steps away from her birth family. Her first step into her next phase of life. Her first big step towards independence. Steps...

I grudgingly knit on.
I want her to grow and be independent but I want her to stay my baby. Maybe if I never finish the blanket she will never leave.

I knit on.

That is what parents do. Despite every cell in our beings needing to protect and to keep our children close we let them push away. We let them declare that they are completed. We let them set the time when we need to cast off and enjoy the end result.

Rhea picked the colours and I picked the design. I am calling Loyalist Log Cabin blanket since she is going to Loyalist and the design is based on the log cabin quilting design. Built into the design are steps and home and comfort. And...washability...yes..knit in Mission Falls MACHINE WASHABLE wool. She may not choose to clean it but she will not destroy it if she does.

With the gift of this blanket I will be sending love and security with her. Even a 19 year old needs comforting from time to time. I hope that the blanket gives it to her in a pinch.

Do you think I could get her to knit me one?

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Anonymous said...

Martina the blanket is just beautiful. Rhea will be warm and and will always have you with her. Don't worry tho cuz they come back a lot. Judy