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Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Changes!

Yes, these past few weeks have been full of changes.

The biggest by far was the departure of our oldest child. Rhea has left for college. She is set up in a dorm on Loyalist College Campus. She is studying Photojournalism for the next 2 years. Here she is setting up her room. My but rez rooms are tiny! As you can see the blanket I was making her made it to the finished stage. Although it is a bit smaller than I had planned. It is good and warm and I know she'll love cuddling in it.

The house is emptier. With Patrick's active social life Jim and I are eating alone more often.
The other changes are purchases of new laptops for all family members. Ca-ching!!
It all started when Rhea's refurbished died just prior to her departure. That sent us to the local big box electronics store where we purchased the last sale laptop for her.
We then found out that the sale was on for 1 more day and that they were expecting another shipment in the morning.
WELLL...of course the one at the shop was on its last legs. The desk top computer at home died a while ago and Patrick's cheepo desktop was wheezing.
Back we were to pick up 2 more of the same laptops as Rhea's the next day for the shop and Patrick.... Poor Jim all left out!
But... today he is poor no more. Or should I say he is more poor...
We are all cyber connected now and loving it.
The other change? Patrick is now in a new-to-him bedroom. His old bedroom is now where Rhea will sleep when she is home and an office for Jim. Oh...and Patrick is now in grade 12.


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