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Monday, July 07, 2008

If I am Making Bags, It Must be Summer

As I was working on my latest bag it occurred to me that for the past several summers I have gone on a bag binge.

First there was the knit linen bags, then I spent a summer sewing big ass carry alls. Then one summer I made bags out of laminated magazine ads. Three years ago I was knitting Lopi bags for felting. Last year I was knitting small cable purses and sewing project bags out of remnants.

This summer I am back onto the felted bags again. This time I am combining colours and yarns. My Morrisseau bag and now my blue lagoon bag.
(I am doubling the yarn and to see how the felting will turn out.) Oh and I designed a market bag that is now being test knit out of Mission Falls Cotton.
Oh and the Sari Silk bag!
What is it about summer and bags for me?

First off bags and purses? I am not a frou frou woman who has a purse for every outfit. Admittedly I do have an assortment of purses and bags and I buy the occasional vintage one. Is it because I like sorting my "stuff'? Usually bags turn into big huge pits of disorganization even when I get ones with pockets and sections.

Maybe I am searching for the bag that will finally organize my "stuff" on its own! Now wouldn't that be a purse!!!? Yes that would be my dream bag! A bag that I could just toss everything into and the bag would take responsibility for organizing and making sure that the item desired would be immediately at hand at the perfect time!! A bag that would negate the necessity for dumping it out at cash registers or when looking for the car key! Kind of like Mary Poppins or a bag from Hogwarts. A purse that always carries what is needed even if the item was only thought about and not actually put into the purse.

Ok that one is solved. I am trying to create the perfect bag/purse with all the magical accessories it needs.

Why Summer? Well of course because school is out! It doesn't matter that I have been out of school for too many years that I care to remember. The fact is that summer was always the time for creativity to flow. A time when I didn't have to make something to fit a pre existing parameter.

So bags in summer it has seemed to be for longer than I can remember. Bags that only have the parameter that they are meant to hold something. Otherwise they are blank canvases that can be as wild as my mind allows. A bag or purse can be an accessory that has its own pursenality (I'm so funny).

When I knit a bag I usually just allow the colour and the yarn to dictate the end product. So I guess in that I am creating magical bags.

Tomorrow I felt the Morrisau and the Blue Lagoon Bag (should I felt the Blue Lagoon?).

I am already building the next one in my head and can't wait for it to happen!

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