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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Newest Passion

Four weeks ago I started a class on Wire Work. I have had so much fun!
Yesterday we learned how to bead and create Dragonflies. I wasn't really into it at first but ended up thoroughly enjoying the process of putting the beads together! Yum...colour!

Then we got into the Rock Wrapping. This is my favorite way to work with wire! No preplanned course to take. Just be one with the rock and wrap.

This first one is a landscape Jasper rock that I cut and polished about 20 years ago. The only rock I managed to ever cut and polish to date. The silver hanging bit was also done about 20 years ago while I was taking a jewellery course at George Brown College in Toronto. Both pieces have been waiting for the perfect moment to become something and last night was the time. I am so pleased with how it turned out!

This Chrysophase jumped into my hand while I was in my local spiritual shop. I was walking around with a piece of amethyst but was called by this rock so I threw down the amethyst and bought this piece.

It is wrapped in Copper. At first this wrap did did not seem to be coming together and then with a twist here and a swirl there it came to life. I think this will end up on a purse somehow.

Chryophase is supposed to help with a restful sleep and sharpen perception.

This class has renewed my love of jewellery making. I can't wait to do more.....when I am not knitting.

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kt said...

Very pretty! I've done one or two wire pieces, and always want some time to do more. You're inspiring me to get out my kit....