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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Get Away

Our family got a few days away from the city at my sister's (and her husband's) cottage. Three days of relaxing and now I am looking up information on slowing down.

We saw some wild life such as this Blue Heron on the raft in the middle of our bay.

And this wee Dragon Fly

I did some knitting. Less than I had planned to but My mind was in planning mode. I am almost finished Nutkin!

And started Rainbow Socks with Regia Galaxy.

Then I was distracted by the Fairy Faces in the Sumach...

By Sunsets.

And the Trees.

Can I go back now?


Suse said...

That blue heron is just beautiful!

monica said...

I love that cabin!!

kt said...

Hey! September's almost gone! Did you get home safely?