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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Day at the Alpaca Farm

Last saturday Kniterary had a booth at the Spinning WHeel Alpaca Farm Open House. It was just so fun to be around these lovely beasts for a day. My booth (of which I took no picture) was set up beside an enclosure for the sheared Alpacas. They all look so pretty with their Fluffy heads and winter boots on! They are literally their winter boots too. When an alpaca is sheared the hair on the the leg is only trimmed because it does not grow as fast as the on the rest of their bodies. If their legs were also sheared they would be unable to keep warm in the winter!

Also in the alpaca enclosure was 2 lovely big white guard dogs and this funny, freindly pot belly pig.

When I grow up I want to have an alpaca farm with a pot belly big too!

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