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Thursday, November 22, 2007

FO's of November

All the above are a drop stitch shawl that I knitted over 3 days. I used Ultra Alpaca from Berocco and Sea Silk from Hand maiden and knitted on 7mm needles. Much like the Clapotis but not diagonal. I needed a quick knit and I got it.

Argyle scarf knit from Hempwol. The white lines were duplicate stitched. I am not sure I like the look but I am sure the recipient will. Next time I knit the lines in.


Sandra said...

scarves, scarves and more scarves ... everyone needs one!

Judy said...

Lovely scarves. I have not idea what fo means. Is that knittingese? lol

Martina said...

FO means Finished Object.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. (say hi to santa for me - you should buy him some xmas season glasses - little round glasses)