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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tis the Season

Unbeknownst to me I have been living with Santa Claus all these years.

Well, he has the white(ish) beard and the rosy cheeks.

I found out what a fortunate person I have been yesterday while Santa and me were having coffee at Starbucks. Also at the coffee shop was a young mother and her children. As they were leaving the middle boy gave Jim a shy look and waved at him. Jim waved back.
I looked in wonder at Jim and all he said was "Santa Claus".

I guess every year at this time young children wave at him on a regular basis. I mean who's to say Santa can't be out having a coffee with the Missus on a Monday Morning. He needs to keep an eye on everybody while the elves are at work.

So far this year he says he has had about 3 children wave at him.

And you know what makes him truly Santa? He waves back with a smile and, so he says, he occasionally gives them a little Ho Ho HO.

Now isn't that the sweetest thing. I love my Santa man!


LisaB said...

That is very sweet. Santa Claus is indeed a nice, jolly man! :)

Judy said...

I love this story!

kt said...

What a babe. A real keeper.