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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tie a Rose On

I finally finished my sock yarn tie. I used a Knitty pattern and then adapted it to make a point at either end. It is a very easy knit but I stuggled to get through it because the tie needs to be 56" long.

Why did I do this? I was trying to find another use for sock yarn.
Would I do it again? Not a project for me.
Would I encourage others to do it? At least once.
Did I like how it turned out? Yes, but only for a winter tie. It would keep the neck a little toasty.

I did iron on some fusible knit interfacing on the wrong side of the points to stop them from curling. It seems to work.

Once the long and boring knit was over I did a quick mini sock. It is fun, quick and cute. Unless you have house elves completely useless. Of course if you leave some lying around in piles maybe it would attract house elves. Here's hoping!

I was in the backyard with Kessie this morning and couldn't resist taking a shot of my roses to share with you.
Today is the longest day of the year! Happy Summer!

At Kniterary, I have brought in Stork Yarn for summer baby knitting. 100% cotton and so soft. I have four colours so far and a few more on their way soon.

Well, I am off to the doctor's to have my yearly physical. Other than my weight issue I am assuming I am healthy. Fingers crossed.

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