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Friday, June 15, 2007

Kniterary New Look

I have made a few changes in decor at the store.

I noticed that a good percentage of people would come in what should be my main entrance (there are 2 entrances) and be confused. Were they walking into a store or a kitchen? So I put some yarn by that door, hid my office behind the shelves, created a real entrance and a more private office.

Yard Saling last weekend netted a great Loveseat for $15. It was a little worn around the edges but in good shape otherwise. Yesterday I got a slip cover and now it fits in perfectly in my newely created Sit N' Knit area.

Having the couch near the books is encouraging people to sit and browse through the patterns and books in comfort. I love that!


kt said...

The shop is looking tip-top, and I think that the antennae in the last post will soon take off and we'll see them on Julia Roberts (apre-babe(ies) and Kirsten Dunst before you can say, "Take us to your leader."

Sandi Purl said...

loooking goood!