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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reconfession Time

The horrible truth is that I am not good at keeping things neat or even dusted and vacuumed. Some of you may remember a post I did back in April 2006 when I confessed my propensity for piling.

Well, things haven't changed much.

I just spent 2 hours cleaning my 1/2 of the bedroom. The dust was (I kid you not) 3" thick on the top of the cupboard beside the bed. I had Dust Elephants!! Great herds of them! I cleaned up bits of paper that had been sitting on the top of my dresser since a year ago Christmas! I found the cheque books! I found earrings! I found crap from when I still worked at the daycare! (those I let go of oh so willingly...why was I hanging onto those reminders I'll never know)

I dusted and purged. I vacuumed (actually I do vacuum fairly regularily). Wait! I am going to take a picture of the bedroom!

I'm back. Pictures are being worked on. Caught a good one of Rhea too.

Number 1. My clean dresser. The walls look blue! They are actually a deep green.

The steps help me get way up into the bed now that we have a boxspring as well as a mattress. I thought I was putting them there for Kessie but she manages just fine without them.


I rearranged at Kniterary this week. My friend Kim had a great smaller desk for me to use and I found a filing cabinet and a Loveseat while visiting yard sales yesterday. Pictures soon.

It is amazing that I actually manage to keep Kniterary clean. But then that is work which for some reason is different.

Rhea! What did you do to your hair?


LisaB said...

Great job on the cleaning. I have a couple dust tumbleweeds floating around here I should have cleaned this weekend...

Cathy said...

There is nothing like a good cleaning to feel really great. Now that you are done there, feel free to come here and repeat. I'll pay you if you need to feel like it's work! Haha!

barbp said...

Elephants *giggle* I get a kick going to your flickr page because it's Martian not Martina and I love Marvin the Martian.

Sandra said...

I am totally like you - if there were no hubby to remind me of cleaning - I think the dust would cover me and I would be still knitting!

Dorothy said...

I have dust everywhere too. I keep meaning to get at it, but then there is that project I was working on and ...

I do vacuum regularly though. Otherwise the children would resemble yetis what with all the fur around here.