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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Freakin' Out Here!!

Is it true??? Is Christmas really only 5 days away?? Achh!!

I am going to have to change course completely on one of my presents! I have been knitting, frogging, reknitting, refrogging but I just am not happy! I cannot make the item be what I want it to be!!! I admit defeat! So, as soon as the fabric stores open today, I am going to buy a length of something and sew. Pictures to be posted after Xmas!!

I have been busy with my 2 jobs (both of which I am enjoying) these past few weeks which means I have not been at the computer too often. I have been visiting sites but for the most part have not taken the time to even leave comments! But, I am thinking about all of you!

I have a bit of arthritis in my middle finger joints which is very achy these days. (do you think I may have flipped one too many people off???) I am going to try to find something to help with the achiness. Does any body else have arthritis in their hands? If so is there something you use that helps? What with knitting and, now, cutting fabric it seems to flare up often.

Right now my house looks like Christmas among the ruins. All I am doing about it is groaning and then trying to ignore!! Maybe tomorrow I'll clean??? Don't hold your breath!!

Hopefully pictures next time my friends!!


Cathy said...

Haha! You have arthritis from inappropriate finger flipping! Take some ibuprofen and keep on flipping.

Anonymous said...

I have osteoarthritis luckily not rheumatoid. It's very prominent on my right index finger and I'm right handed. What Cathy said, ibuprofen but if that upsets your stomach tylenol arthritis strength or generic. Both my doctors also suggested Glucosamine with MSM. They say there's only anecdotal evidence that it helps - no scientific evidence. Hope your sewing is stitching right along.

It's February right? We DO have 10 months before Christmas. RIGHT?

Monika said...

Hope you can relax now and have everything under control! Wish you peaceful Holidays!