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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Weekend Away

Last weekend was a weekend for walking and relaxing.
Jim, Rhea, Patrick, Colin (Rhea's boyfriend) and I went to Jae and Andy's cottage on the Rideau Canal.
It was my first whole weekend off of the summer and I relaxed. Surprisingly, I did very little knitting so I have none to show off.

What did I do then?

Well, I walked up a very steep hill to Rock Dunder. The view, as you can see, was Amazing. I think that the folks of Dunder Mifflin (The Office) should do a group weekend show about climbing Rock Dunder. Don't ya think too???

In this photo is Andy and Rhea. What a view!

Then I went for a swim in the lake and a sun on the raft.

Here I show off my most graceful side! Since the water between the dock and the raft is full of seaweed and zebra mussels we usually got out to the raft first on the air mattress and then swam beyond the raft into the lake.
I took many photos.

I was sitting on the deck when this leaf wafted down to the water. It was so perfect I had to take a picture. The photo turned out much better than I thought it would and I am now using it for my desk top photo.

Ah, yes, I lounged on the dock dozing and reading and taking photos. Such an idilic spot!

For Saturday Dinner I ate Cedar Plank Salamon that Jim Bbqued. Yum..
Before cooking we had to rid the BBQ of a family of field mice. They were resistant and one ended up staying and getting toasty warm under the flames before realizing that departure was a much better option. Eviction by fire!!
After the amazing dinner I enjoyed a campfire with everyone. Patrick got an A+ in fire building!
Our dessert at the campfire? S'mores of course!!!
And that was just Saturday!
Sunday....more of the same.....except for the walk up a hill (my legs thanked me for that!)

When can I go again? Jae???? Andy???? Huh????

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