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Monday, July 12, 2010

Notes on a 90th Birthday Party with Papa Don

-Don looks great for 90! Happy Birthday Don!
Papa Don and Nana Fran
-Seniors travel with lots of paraphanalia (walkers, tissues, water, pillows, pills, oxygen etc...)
-The secret to staying young.."Lie about your age" -told to me by an Octogenarian

-The secret to soft icing? "Put alcohol in it" - told to me by the baker for the event
-Kidney Stones are hard to expel...told to me and anyone else who would listen by the baker
-I do not want to eat while hearing about kidney stones

Don as Cake Decoration
- I smile and nod and agree with seniors so I don't confuse them....or maybe so they don't confuse me!

-Eating too many sweets make me regretful
-Spain won and we were thankful the soccer game was over.

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