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Monday, October 06, 2008

Life so far...

I know. I have not kept everyone updated for a while. Life is busy.

I am trying to take time to smell the roses but running a small business is time consuming and occasionally stressful.

A year and a half ago I would have never thought that I would have any misgivings about taking the leap into self employment. I love being in the shop! I love meeting new people. I love helping knitters put together just the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern. I love everything about it except the money concerns.

So for now the pink roses by my back entrance to the shop keep me buoyed.

Along with the love of a good man and wonderful (usually) teenagers.

And... of course... being in the position of having supplies at hand when I get a creative inspiration such as the Wave in my Brain (pictures in the previous post). Why did this wave come into being?

It all started with the Whitby Station Gallery juried art exhibition idea. Fresh. The idea led me to water, which led me to waves. Which led me to the short rowing that I have been playing with all summer. So the wave...within a wave. I have taken a week sabatical from the piece to see where the idea was going. I am ready to continue today. I did have to stock up on some quilt batting and fabric to carry on. The idea evolves.

My intellect keeps trying to figure out a way to merchanise this idea. I am trying to keep this part of my brain at bay until I am finished. But I have seen purses based on the wave and a shawl and small framed pieces. Then there are cards.. See I am having trouble turning it off.

Now I am going to take a relaxing bath and read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. That is the book that the Kniterary Literary Club is reading this month. I am loving it.


kt said...

Your brain wave re"minds" me of Lindsey's piece--go to her blog here:

and she had better photos of it on her flickr.

Hang in there with the shop--wish we were closer by and I'd head your way for a bit of shopping!

Suse said...

The brainwave is truly amazing.

And the roses aren't half bad either.