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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Hedgehog is a coming!!

Someone (Judy) pointed out to me that a few posts back I had alluded to big changes that I couldn't at that point talk about.

Sorry to leave you all hanging!!

The big change is the expansion on Kniterary and the imminent arrival of HedgeHog Stitchery in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor.

HedgeHog Stitchery will be supplying Durham Region with Cross Stitch and other needle arts supplies. Vickie H. will be stocking the room and be running the room on Saturdays. She is in the process of getting her web site up and running but for now you can check her out at her blog.

Vickie is an amazingly gifted woman who will be able to offer lots of support for cross stitchers as she has with knitters in Kniterary.

Also upstairs is a full classroom and an extra room that I hope to be able to invite local artists to show their wares on consignment. I am hoping to concentrate on Textile artists.

Stay tuned for the official arrival of the Hedgehog!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

I'm definitely going to have to visit you when the better weather gets ghere... if it ever does!

kt said...

Wow! You're expanding! Congratulations and Welcome Hedgehog!