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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Haliburton Creativity

After finishing the last post the computer hard drive decided it was time to leave this world. Finally, after a quick burial and replacement, I was able to download the few pictures that I took in my Haliburton class Knitting - Inspiration and Beyond with Fiona Ellis.

The Haliburton School of Art is affiliated with Fleming College in Haliburton Village. The campus itself is amazing. The class I took was not located at the main campus but during the Thursday evening walk about I got over to visit it. It is full of light and great studios for printing, jewellery and glass blowing and more.

I was at the high school and luckily the class was in the air conditioned portion of the school. My daughter was in a non-air conditioned portion and it was very warm.

The week was very full of inspiration and information. It was exactly what I was wanting. It covered creativity, surface design development, swatching and guidance in developing the surface design into a finished item.

One of the first things we did on Monday morning was head outside with our sketch pads to look at trees etc... From what we saw we were to choose something that inspired us and make a quick sketch for reference. Since I have been looking at trees and seeing cables for the past three (or so) years that is what I did. The original sketch is on the page in the middle of the below picture.

From that sketch I blocked out 1 area I wanted to develop and went from there. It grew into a graph which I swatched in the yellow yarn then in the white yarn as a sweater idea. With Fiona's help I was able to keep the process moving forward so that I actually ended the week with game plans for 3 garments in different weight yarns and with different mutations.

Fiona and student.
Fiona is wearing a beautiful silk shawl that she knit.

As I write about the week I am realizing that there doesn't seem to be much to impart. Believe me that my brain was near to exploding with info and development ideas at the end of the week. Writing my own patterns has always interested me and now I feel as if I will be able to move forward in that direction more easily.

Right now I have all my sketches and swatches put up around me in me store office. I just purchased some Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed in colour 04 to do the sweater swatch in once again.

Now the trick is to be able to be inspired while living life instead of the rarefied environment of the Haliburton School of Art.
Thank goodness Fiona also gave us tips on sparking creativity! I am going to need them!

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