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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mary Maxim at the Museum!


On our last day in Winnipeg we visited the Manitoba Museum and I finally got some knitting content! They have one display on Mary Maxim in the Manitoba crafts section. She started her yarn company in Sifton Manitoba. That is all I can find out about the history of Mary Maxim. I remember that her catalogues regularily came to our house when I was a child and I would scrutinize them from cover to cover. The sweater jackes seen hanging in the display are the main type of pattern associated with Mary Maxim.


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother used to make a lot of the Mary Maxim kits. I remember going through her catalogs and being facsinated that someone could knit a cardigan with a black lab on the back.

All of my kids have lovely knitted Christmas stockings made from Mary Maxim kits. My Grandmother made them for the first 2 and since she was deceased by the time the 3rd child came, my best friend made him one.

Do they still have the catalogs? I would love to get one.

Cathy said...

Very cool display! Too bad there wasn't more info on her.