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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer 2015 Update

Yes I have not blogged in an very long time.
I have been busy building my online shop over at . And keeping the brick and mortar shop functioning.
Personal life still exists but revolves around my business.  I think this is what happens with all small business owners.
Surprisingly I have been in business for 8 years.  I thought I would last 5 years but I can't walk away. A great community has been built with this shop as the core.  I love crafters. I enjoy being around creative people so I keep plugging away.
Recently, very recently, the shop have moved from our quaint little green house into an even older store front smack downtown in Whitby, Ontario.
The space opened up as a grocery store in 1850 so it comes with all the quirks and angles that the other place had.

On the personal front life has had its ups and downs.  Still all the wonderful people in my life.
With one addition of a grand nephew who is growing up way too quickly already.
Rhea has her first full time job and Patrick has one more year of film school.

I have had a small bout with Cancer.  Found a lump. Had it removed along with sentinel lymph nodes. Cancer was contained and is all removed now. Peed blue for 48 hours.
Now waiting to have 5 weeks radiation therapy. But all is going to be ok. Thank the stars.

May be using this blog as a bit of therapy to ward off the depression that comes with cancer treatments.

Yes I am still knitting non stop. Prepping for a group show in November right now as well as knitting samples for the shop and baby boy things. And I want to do socks for Christmas...

Shawls seem to be my thing lately.

Til next time.

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